You can be the man, husband, dad, & leader you need to be…


"As essential as water - a handbook for the human race."

-Dr. Joseph Eleid, M.D.

Dr. Prather’s personal odyssey to spiritual manhood under a legendary Apache singer in the mountains and deserts of Arizona is now book. But it began decades ago as an intensive seminar series.

Now you too can train with Dr.Prather. Just as he was tempered physically and astounded spiritually, experiencing a hidden world of incandescent power, so can you!

Training with the descendants of Cochise and Geronimo, Dr. Prather discovered that, though boys and girls are born, men and women must be trained.

You will learn that we are defined by our duties to others,  we are all connected by an invisible realm of luminous energy, and if we access these etheric meridians, we can direct divine power through us to protect, heal and connect to all our relations to literally change our lives and save the world, one life at a time.
Self defense techniques for your soul.
Video online lessons:
Sweat lodge, fire pit and tipi.
Society is broken.  Learn how to fix it. One person at a time.  Start now. With the only person you can chnage. Yourself.
Only $4.99 Lesson -1
The Native way of living in harmony with nature also applies to human nature and the seasons or cycles of being human.
Only $4.99 Lesson -2
Learn about life in a circle, 
See how through our lives
cycles we must be seasoned
and learn that we are
defined by our duties.
Only $4.99 Lesson -3
Tipis make turning away difficult.
Homecoming purification rite for returning veterans.
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