You can be the man, husband, dad, & leader you need to be…


"As essential as water - a handbook for the human race."

-Dr. Joseph Eleid, M.D.

I completed a bachelor's  and a master degree  with all the usual expense that goes with a modern college, but I rarely apply what I learned in college in my daily life. 

I also trained with Jeff Prather for ever 20 years in nearly every program he has to offer. 

Though the expense has been far less, I apply the lessons I learned in his courses every single day. 

Where do you learn to be a better man, a better husband, or a better father? 

Jeff Prather can show you the answers to these
questions and other important questions in life. 

The end result will be better fulfillment of life for you and those for whom you care.

Darin Ashley, Major              USMC

I first met Jeff Prather through the martial arts in 1999.  In 2001 I started taking  various training courses from him through Warriorschool.  The training under Jeff Prather has made me a better Man, a better Husband, a better Father, and given me a profound love of life and freedom.  It is not a stretch to say that he has literally transformed my life in a positive way that is impossible to adequately describe.

BN, Deputy US Marshall

Best firearms training in twenty seven years of active duty Army service.
        AM,  Sergeant Major

Your teachings have created possibilities in my life that I never thought would be open to me.  I see it each and every time I look into my children's eyes and I feel it in the presence of my wife's love. 

You have given me the tools to be a complete man, you have opened my heart and mind to the beauty of living in the world and not just roaming around blindly upon it. 

-DJ, Senior Federal Executive


Martial arts Master Prather.
I thought that I already knew how to defend myself, but I was taught techniques that I didn't even know had existed.

There is always a master to learn from... you just have to find him.

That's what I found at Warrior School."

Jeff Bales, Tucson, AZ
Ladies Fight Back class

On August 26, 2006, my team and I were outside the wire near the Green Zone in Baghdad when we were attacked by an Iraqi Army unit hell bent on killing us. Yes, it's true, the Iraqi Army is infiltrated with Mahdi militia in some sectors of Baghdad, and they don't like us, even though we train and equip them.

Our two low profile vehicles came under intense small arms fire and my security team followed SOP to the T. Outcome, one of our vehicles destroyed, the other (with me inside) shot to hell, was able to get inside the wire. The team in the disabled vehicle fought to a hard point and waited 30 minutes for the cavalry to arrive for evac.

Outcome: No Americans injured, 3 Iraqis WIA. Even though I was the principal in the lead vehicle, I quickly became a team member during the fight. Why?

Because I completed Warrior School and the training I got in April was practiced by me and my security team over and over BEFORE the incident. We knew what to do, simple as that.

God bless you and your instructors. What you do makes a difference!

TM, Intelligence Operator
I started into the Handgun Martial Arts (HMAC) Program five years ago to enhance my shooting skills. I quickly discovered that what I was involved in was considerably more than a Marksmanship class!

I was on a long journey that was proving to have a significant impact on my life. I discovered what being a United States citizen was all about. You learn lessons in HMAC that are not taught in Civics classes.

Being in HMAC teaches you to be a Citizen Warrior. A warrior is not an aggressor, a warrior is a protector of good against evil.
HMAC teaches you that your gun is a tool you use to defend yourself an others against those that intend to inflict extreme bodily harm or death. Your gun is merely a tool.

The teachings of Shihan Prather have also gone from HMAC into other areas as well. I have learned lessons that are applicable to my professional and personal life.

I have learned that dropping your ego (an absolute necessity for being successful in HMAC or anything else), greatly enriches your life as well as building confidence and personal well-being. I have seen a significant positive impact with the people in my professional and personal life since being involved in HMAC.”

Patrick Boyle
Senior Systems and Energetics
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