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"As essential as water - a handbook for the human race."

-Dr. Joseph Eleid, M.D.

Beyond karate for kids

Master Prather teaches the most authentic and effective martial arts available today -ninjutsu!

He is one of the very few traditional Sensei in the world who still value a personal relationship with each student, guiding them not only to physical but emotional, mental, and spirtual excellence.

Many of his students have grown up through the dojo to overcome personal hardship becoming doctors, lawyers, police and military officers, but most importantly, good, solid men and women!

Master or Shihan Prather has over four decades of experience in Japanese martial arts.  He is a 15th degree black belt master teacher under his teacher the Grandmaster  of the Bujinkan, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.

Shihan Prather also has earned a 10th degree black belt in Shinken Gata, real combat from Dr. Hatsumi.
He has been featured in Black Belt magazine in the US and Hiden magazine in Japan.  He has been inducted into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame twice, and has received too many awards to mention here! 

Martial Arts

Martial Arts Master Jeff Prather
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Beyond karate for kids
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